Lovely Complex 23-24

# 23

Otani got a present”u” =P

yes another punch for me x3

just like my 6 years old cousin’s paints isn’t it? 8D

A New year’s ev without Otani =(

Can’t stay without u…

I didn’t think they looked funny while watching

I was thinking how cute love birds are ^&^

motto kawaii *&*

Suzuki won’t be able to get to the collage so he won’t be able to protect Chiharu from bad guys there


This house is infested with a fifth level virus…

and in the night of the exam o__O!!

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2 Responses to “Lovely Complex 23-24”

  1. it’s realy a good anime i like it i saw it ofcours u know^&^

    but i think ouran high school host club is better than it isn’t it?

    and the important point of ouran is me&u=tamaki&harohi

    and that we are thinking together like hikaro&kaouro


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