Lovely Complex 18

this is how I look now after doing some stuff for my father’s work




dai dai dai daaii suki ^&^

nyaaa~ >O<

Nobu , Suzuki , Nakao , Haruka , Chiharu , Seiko –> y r u counting them =P

Maity-sinse too –> still counting xDDD

Otani isn’t here yet…

what a nice shot ^&^

He came~ ^O^

and I just couldn’t post this stright ahead but I some why I just couldn’t make a spoiler so if you wanna see just click the links

 it’s just so Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Can’t believe it can’t believe it JUST CAN’T  ( TOT )

what a face t show after being ****ed loooool

is this really Otani >___>

OMG this episode was hilarious watched 19 too and gonna write about it soon and can’t wait to watch ep20 ^O^

don’t wanna finish this series it’s soo lovely and complex and funny and everything in this life ( ToT )


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