” Orthros no Inu ” 3

There is a bond between them…

The sleeping witness

nice shot x3

the sleeping witness has finally woke up o__O

kyaaa seems I’m gonna get to a Tacky fan club ^O^

what a mobile for man like you xDDD

hate this kind of guys ><

who are rich and do what ever they want on the expense of others

The woman is scary and the man is mean -____-

her attitude is similar to me >__>

nice bike =P

but the secret bond between Ryosuke & Ryuzaki seems interesting o__O

Mothers always know o__O

poor girl ><

I had breathe problems when I was little too and still to now but it’s much better now ^^

I don’t like what this man is aiming for >__>

he was kind to her ^_^

wanna pinch her cheeks ^O^


Hmmmm, you like living this way, don’t you!!

not really sure she is gonna stay in the best student’s rank >___>

or it is Ryosuke who is too careful and loving =D


Oh My God ><

I was about to cry here,

Mothers are the best thing in life, never make them mad or sad cuz they really don’t deserve this

if I started talking about them and how kind they are and how they love us whatever we did and how can they sacrifice anything for their children I will never end

Love you Mama ^O^

you brat you must be killed !!

it’s just funny how Ryuzaki keeps appearing everywhere so suddenly

and just disappear in less than a second xDDD

he is so heartless but it’s okay for me 8D

amm can’t wait to watch the next episode although I don’t wanna finish this drama =P


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