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Hanasakeru Seishounen 13

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Hanasakeru Seishounen 13 kajika (09.18.30)

Aooow it has been about one month since I putted this series On-Hold because of  Baka licensing so it was hard to find another fansub groub -__-‘

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Skip beat 18

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Skip Beat E18 - Up PiFo_StarTimes2 - (04.27.85)

Sho: GOT CHA!!!

Kyoko: Ouch!!

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Skip beat 17

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Skip Beat E17 - Up PiFo_StarTimes2 - (00.25.39)

cute but don’t u think she looks like a waitor xDD

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I’ve Gotta a Membership!!

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It has been a while since I got to Club Penguin ,

but finally my parents lloed me to use Dady’s Visa to get a membership ^^

my poor Penguin Dono finally got dressed ^O^

I know it’s name makes it HIM but somehow I became to Dress it as HER xDDD

look at me cutey .:^&^:.

my penguin

I bought a Dojo Igloo and I’ll upload it’s pic after decoratting it x3

and What do u think about the orange sky???

Aunt Arctic said that something is coverring the sun >__>

I think the Volcano has something to do with it and I’m sure that the Volcain is the new rom they were babling about ×__×

Waddle on,

Skip beat 16

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actually I want her to stay as a manager for Rina little more ^&^

they were soo cute together WooW can’t wait to see hem as lovers x3

Skip Beat E16 - Up PiFo_StarTimes2 - (05.21.28)

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Skip beat 15

Posted in Skip beat on September 24, 2009 by Tema

After stopping Skip beat for a while because I got busy with the Holly day I’m Ba~ck…

Skip Beat E15 - Up PiFo_StarTimes2 - (02.59.13)

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watching the sunset warmed my heart

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Yesterday I went to the sea with me Dad, we watched the sunset…

 love going to the sea especially when I feel down, I feel free there ^^

Jeddah sea sunset 1

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